Objectives and Vision

Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association (IFMMA) has been established to protect the legitimate interests and rights of employees and improve the economic conditions of employers, something which in turn will guarantee the interests of society.

In pursuit of its goals, IFMMA makes planning to protect the guild’s legitimate rights and protect the professional interests of those involved in food machinery manufacturing in the country. It also devises targeted plans to support efforts aimed at developing the industry with an approach to improving the quality and quantity of products, the economic conditions of IFMMA members, and the association’s economic and technological prospects.

IFMMA Vision

Courtesy of divine favor and thanks to perseverance, integrity, patriotic love, and maximal use of modern science and technology, IFMMA keeps on the path to development. As a leading company in Iran and across the region in terms of food and packaging processes, it has established constructive interaction with other countries on the world stage.

IFMMA envisions the following in its outlook:

  • To be a developed association which measures up to the world’s scientific and technological advances; boasts scientific achievements; produces science and technology; abides by ethics and focuses on entrepreneurship and production of science and wealth in Iran
  • To be an independent institute which makes its own decisions and stands ready to cooperate with the government and other institutions in the country
  • To be a company which is able to set the stage for its employees to be creative, produce equipment and machinery in line with its corporate objective to improve health, welfare, social security, and sustainable economy, protect the environment, create equal opportunities, bolster appropriate income distribution and guild-based convergence free of corruption and discrimination
  • To be an active, responsible institute staffed with conscientious, well-disciplined, cooperative workers who comply with laws and take pride in being Iranian, something which boosts confidence in Iranian products within and beyond national borders
  • To act as a company which has effective, constructive interaction with the rest of the world

The future plans of the association’s Boards of Directors will be based on this vision which also charts the path of IFMMA on different fronts in the years to come.