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Absamin Company has been established since 1999 based in Alborz province, aiming to manufacture Water and Wastewater Treatment Machines.
Manager Name:
Mr. Hossein Asgari

Location: Alborz Province
Phone:+98 (26) 36331622
Fax:+98 (26) 36331625

Condori Machinery ProPak

Condori machinery established in 1978 producing the first continuous freezer in Iran. In 1986 we produced the first ice cream production line according to European standard.
Manager Name:
Mr. Kheyrollah Jahanbani

Location: Tehran Province
Phone:+98 (21) 66806634
Fax:+98 (21) 66803210

Hokamai Machinery

Hokamai Machinery Company has been established since 1995 based in Tehran province, aiming to design and manufacturing Liquid packaging Machines.
Manager Name:
Mr. Nima Seyedolhokamaie

Location: Tehran Province
Phone:+98 (21) 88708516~7
Fax:+98 (21) 88728233
Manager Name:
Mr. Ebrahim Marami

Location: Tehran Province
Phone:+98 (21) 6678220
Fax:+98 (21) 66808775
Manager Name:
Mr. Javad Mohammadpour Shotorbani

Location: East Azerbaijan Province
Phone:+98 (413) 6309095~7
Fax:+98 (413) 6309098
Manager Name:
Mr. Masoud Mostaghassi

Location: Isfahan Province
Phone:+98 (31) 45642932~3
Fax:+98 (31) 45642632
Manager Name:
Mr. Ali Mosayebi

Location: Tehran Province
Phone:+98 (21) 56215557~8
Fax:+98 (21) 5621 2768
Manager Name:
Mr. Ruhollah Asgari

Location: Tehran Province
Phone:+98 (21) 46871383
Fax:+98 (21) 46821034
Manager Name:
Mr. Hooshang Chavosh Akbari

Location: Alborz Province
Phone:+98 (26) 44221467
Fax:+98 (26) 44221467
Manager Name:
Mr. Arash Arteshyar

Location: Razavi Khorasan Province
Phone:+98 (51) 35420207
Fax:+98 (51) 34693537

West Asia Steel

West Asia Steel
Member Since:

Location: Qazvin Province
Phone:+98 (28) 33889

Yadegari machinery

production lines for Fruit leather with nuts with variety of packaging.
Manager Name:
Mr. Ali Yadegari

Location: Tehran Province
Phone:+98 (21) 56391980
Fax:+98 (21) 56391582