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PHEDCO Company, with a knowledge-based license, is a product of the Vice president for Science and technology and located in the science and technology park of the University of Tehran, is a designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial and laboratory centrifuge machines in Iran.

Various food, pharmaceutical and health, chemical, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, wastewater treatment and industrial effluents and… it has been used and so far in centers such as Pasteur institute of Iran (Karaj production Branch and Tehran Research), Petroleum industry research institute, Iran polymer and petrochemical research institute, Shahid chamran University of Ahvaz, Shahed University, Faculty of Pharmacy Azad University, Faculty of Pharmacy and medical sciences university of Tehran, Tech Zima Darou Co, Persis Gen Co, Nano ebtekare senate kimia Co, Sange banaye bartare kowsar Co, Pakdis Co, Iran blood Transfusion Organization, Razi vaccine and serum Research institute, Cinna Gen Co, Aria Tina Gen Co, Barakat pharmaceutical group, Gen yakhte Iranian Co, Med Vac Zist Darou Co, Nova Teb Pars Co, Masoun Darou Co, Behdad Genetic Co, Biosun Pharmed Co, Persis Gen Co, Nik Paya Karen Pharmed Co, Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences Yazd, Petro Vision Passargad Co, ActoVer Co, Avid Sina pharmed Co, Faran Shimi Co, Khuzestan Petrochemical Co and dozens of other installation centers and is up and running.


  • Decanter centrifuges
  • Disc stack centrifuges (Separators)
  • tubular centrifuges
  • Ultra centrifuges
  • Blood bank centrifuges
  • Rock Core centrifuges and laboratory bench top centrifuges


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Dr. Seyed Amir Moayed Alaie
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Phone:+98 (21) 86093186
Other phones:+98 (21) 86095016
Fax:+98 (21) 86093186
Email:[email protected]
Address:Unit 122, Ground floor, Central Building, Science and Technology Park of Tehran University, 16th St. (Farshi moghaddam), North Karegar St., Tehran, IRAN.


Tehran Province

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